"Affiliate Marketing Secrets"

Learn the secrets of affiliate marketing from someone with over 14 years experience selling digital products and services online

What will you learn inside affiliate marketing secrets?

You will learn strategies I have developed learned and implemented over 14 years selling and marketing products and services online.

  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • How to find affiliate products to promote
  • The affiliate marketing promotion process
  • Increasing your affiliate marketing click thru and success rate.
  • Making your affiliates work for you.

Matthew Had His First $3000 Day With Affiliate Marketing

Matthew  Armstrong - Health And Wellness Coach And Entrepreneur.

This homeless man from Mongolia got his first $3500 dollar per month client.

I signed up a client I write his articles and create a few videos and get paid over $3000 per Month 

Phil Stowers

Who is affiliate marketing secrets for?

If you are just starting a business online and want to have a blueprint or system to make money on the internet.

Who will this course help?

It doesn't matter if you have very little or a moderate amount of experience of marketing products online, you will defintely learn some new things that will help you improve your online business. 

What is the difference between affiliate marketing and any other type of marketing?

As affiliate marketers we use cutting edge up to date strategies to market products and services online. We have already made all the mistakes at the start. That way we can help reduce your mistakes and get you making $$$ faster than you would without access to these live interactive trainings.

How much time will I need to invest to do this course and start my own online affiliate marketing business? 

You will need to attend 5 two Hour affiliate marketing sessions, I would recommend spending at least two hours a day building your online business. You get back what you put into it with interest if you follow what I say.  Unfortunately if you wander off and chase other bright shiny objects and do not commit to taking the action required then success is not guaranteed. 

  • "Affiliate Marketing Secrets Members also get:
  • Free Access to my Digital Marketing Academy Basic Trainings which on my website cost  a $47  monthly payment on my website you get it Free for life.
  • Free Access To A Wordpress Training Showing You Everything You Need To Start Your Own Blog Or Website.
  • Free Access To A Wordpress Builder And Two Weeks Access To A Huge Blogging Community  And Blogging Experts. And Newbies Too.
  • Plus Access to my 30 Day Video Challenge  On Facebook 

Are you tired of chasing friends and family to join your business?

After spending time on various networking companies building a downline of 5000 customers in a telecommunications company and chasing friends and family till they no longer wanted to answer the phone. And getting paid very low commissions I realised there has to be a better way.

Are you tired of joining network marketing companies and bringing people in to the business without getting anything, or else just getting a very tiny return for the time and money YOU invested?

The number of times I have joined network companies and signed up customers or other business owners and never got a decent ROI happened to me over and over again.

Why did the Networking Companies Not Work For Me.

A lot of Network Marketing compensation plans are made so you have to keep working consistently to continue getting paid for your efforts and the people you brought into the business. With Affiliate marketing I can show you how to buy a product sign up two people and be in profit every month as long as they remain. 

What was the last straw for me?

When I was becoming a dad and I booked a day off in advance to book our wedding, then got fired for being two hours late after booking the time off.  That was the day I swore to myself that no one would ever dictate to me when I get paid, how much and I would never need to ask permission to book a holiday or go to the toilet. 

Are you working a job that you hate or have a boss that you would like to get rid of? Then affiliate marketing may be for you.

There are so many people who are working a job that they hate, they may even like the job but have a boss or colleages who are constantly on their backs.  You deserve to live the best life possible if you take the action steps to achieve it.  Only you can make that decision and making that happen is something only you can decide this could be your perfect opportunity so act on it fast.

Do you get to see your family

The truth is so many people go out at 7am sit in traffic for hours, sit behind a desk to pay for a house that they cannot sit in all day. To pay for a car they cannot drive most of the day to pay for a family and children they hardly get to see because they are always at their job or at the office.  Working at home gave me the chance to get to see my children grow up take them to school.   And not waste hours of the day sitting in traffic commuting to and from work. 

The Pandemic

There have been countless lives disrupted lot's of fear about money due to loss of jobs and an increase in suicides due to financial and lockdown depression.  There was a positive thing that came of it many millions of people who never communicated online learned how to use zoom to communicate with work colleages or family members due to fear of the pandemic and Government lockdowns.  The thing is we where having daily training webinars over 12 years ago learning and training on digital and affiliate marketing strategies which have and will continue to evolve on a regular basis. 

The best way to keep up with the best marketing trends and strategies is to learn from people who keep their finger on the pulse of what's going on, what works and what doesn't work in online marketing.

The Truth Is

There are countless people out there looking to make a quick buck $$$$$$ many of them have just started out online recently and have no idea what they are doing.  The truth is when someone tells another person to be an expert they often go out and take up the challenge and that's great, but there is one problem. To be an real expert you may need to spend 1000 to 10,000 hours doing your training or your trade or business.

So everyday people are suckered into buying high price courses or websites from people who haven't got the first clue what they are talking about.  In fact many of them are just spitting out regurgitated content they learned from another newbie.   If this is who you are learning from chances are you will be spinning your wheels for a long time before you get any traction in your business.

So let me save you a lot of pain and heartache and speed up your journey to success, by teaching you the stuff that is actually working.  Stuff that brings one off and residual incomes into my bank accounts and paypal accounts regularly and save you all of the hot air.  I don't BS I get straight to the point and at the end of our conversation if you ask me the right questions I will give you the right answers.

As a Affiliate Marketing Secrets Paid Member  You Will Also Get Live Access To Me On Our Calls 

On our live calls and trainings I will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding affiliate marketing or seting up an online business.

When You Sign Up Today You Will Get FREE Access to the recordings

  • Yes, when you buy affiliate marketing secrets today you will get FREE access to all the recordings so you can go over the trainings again and again step by step. Until you get it. Yes repetition is the mother of all learning.

I Believe Anyone Can Do It

People say things like 90% of businesses fail and it's too hard or too expensive.  I believe the internet is a revolutionary opportunity for people to make money from anywhere.  If you are missing out on this opportunity then chances are you are making your life a lot more difficult.   I have never seen anyone make a website and fail unless they quit. Unless they didn't create the content, didn't advertise their stuff. Didn't buy the tools they needed or create the products for them to market and sell.  The 90% who fail that I have seen are the lazy ones, if you do something in your business daily even once a week then you have a chance of building something that will well surpass the income of your job. So take action click the link at the bottom of the website and get started learning what you need to learn to start making things happen in your online business. 

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Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

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